About the Coalition

That lead poisoning is pernicious and largely preventable is well recognized and addressed by several laws.  Yet poisonings in Flint, Michigan still occurred.  We know that Flint is not alone and many citizens face substantial risks from lead in water, paint, soil and products.  Our methods of protection are not working adequately.

Evidence is now undeniable that lead poisoning enormously impacts society as a whole by degrading the capacity of individuals to function intelligently and responsibly, worsening crime and the burden of costly health care.  Failure to take appropriate action after the exposure of Flint not only perpetuates this avoidable tragedy but sends a negative message to all citizens that their government is not acting in their best interests.  Public-spirited institutions and individuals must now participate in generating an adequate response to this problem.

The Coalition for a Public Conversation on Lead was formed in hopes that we could begin a foundational conversation about this issue in our society. We strive to bring together experts,  officials, and citizens so that we can find practical and long-term solutions to this problem. Our goal is not to advocate one approach, but to instead encourage communication across sectors so that we can find real solutions to this enduring issue.


To read our proposal “Response After Flint: Convocation for Action” in its entirety, please click here

More than just the harm from lead is at stake:

Flint has made the problem so visible that turning away is tantamount to repudiation of the long-established purposes of democratic government.

Help us show what constructive collaboration can achieve concerning this common problem and shared opportunity to make our communities better and safer places to live.