Needed Lead Law

On April 22, construction exposure and prevention expert Michael Sharp, and Eve Gartner and Gabrielle Gonzales of EarthJustice joined Boston University Department of Earth and Environment’s Rick Reibstein and others in discussing how we as a society could better use the law to protect people from lead.  The unnecessary harm from the continued use and dispersion of lead was a particular focus, from a large array of sources in addition to the more familiar paint, water or soil; aircraft, guns, toys, spices, cookware, folk medicines, candies, foods, former industrial or mining sites that are now contaminated and cleanup is not effective, etc.  Another focus was how difficult it seems to be for people to think about this unnecessary self-poisoning in a sensible way and that failing to be sensible about something so obviously dangerous can be addressed – to some degree – through education, assistance, and regulation.  Indications are strong that this can be much less difficult than anticipated and the benefits of such societal maturation and adult management would be incalculable, as they involve improvement in social functioning as well as health.

Rick Reibstein: Needed Lead Law presentation 4.24

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