Please Comment by June 14th on HUD DeReg!

If you go to this site, where comments can so easily be submitted, you will see today that only 36 comments have been received! Yet HUD is in the process of establishing a task force to find regulations that can be repealed, replaced, or modified. Do you have an opinion about the very act of deregulation? Please tell the agency! The deadline is June 14th. Today this effort to promote discussion of how to act on lead poisoning submitted the following comment: “Repealing and replacing are not appropriate focuses. HUD’s mission to protect people in housing is important to the development of civilization. It has not seen the investment required for our goals of a good society to be met. We need to be building a humane world, not tearing it down. What’s cheap now is expensive in the long run. Business values cannot justify the cruelty of reducing further inadequate care. More is needed, not less. To say this does not mean that investments cannot be made more efficient. But this is not the pressing need. People’s lives are at stake and it is important now to fortify the agency mandated to act, not further starve it.”